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Wireman Ag Fencing Essentials

Wireman Ag Fencing Essentials

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Designed for the fencing contractor or land owner, this kit provides all the tools necessary to quickly and efficiently strain the majority of Ag fencing. It delivers the accuracy of a lever hoist come along with the speed and reliability of a walker (chain grab) tensioner and the capability to strain manufactured net fencing wire such as Hinged Lock using a tensioner on both the top and bottom of the strainer board. 
The great benefit of using a tensioner or come along up high and down low on a strainer board is that it allows you to make adjustment for both undulations in the ground and the movement of posts, ensuring an even tension on all wires. 

Included in the Kit is;
  • 10 Jack the Grippers (Spring Loaded Wire Grippers)
  • 1 x 500Kg Lever Hoist
  • 1 x Strain Walker Classic head
  • 1 x Spring tension Gauge
  • 1 x 3 Metre Walker Chain
  • 1 x Black Canvas Small Bag
  • 1 x Black Canvas large Bag
  • 1 Meter Strainer Board.
  • 2 x M6 Stainless Steel Quick Links
  • 1 Foot Plate
  • 1 M10 x 25 mm Coach bolt and Nut 
  • 1 Yoke Chain for Strainer Board

The easiest and quickest way to strain hinge lock and net fencing wire there is.

  • Very easy to get on and off the wire.
  • No Hammer Required!
  • Can easily be adjusted for slopes and angles.
  • Wont Break or Damage the Wire
  • Will not Slip !
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Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews
Shane Auld

Awsome bit of gear I have labourers who struggle with standard wire strainers very frustrating but they are doing it with ease now great time and money saver

Aaron Aaron
Great product

It is so easy to use.

Michael Hicks

Easy to use, your not stuffing around trying to find a tension gauge, it’s always right there where you need it. Really good for training new staff.



Sheryl Lee
Gripper is great

We added Jack the Gripper to our old wire strainers and it has made tensioning so much easier.