Prop A Weld - Video Demonstration


Welding rails or beams to a post is a job often needed on farm for building cattle yards, putting rails on a balustrade, building walkway’s or making end assemblies. it’s a job often done by fencing contractors and usually requires two people, one person to holds one end the beam while the other person holds and welds.

Holding a beam in place by hand has its problems as it’s difficult to keep the rail steady and in position while you try to get a tack on the join. It’s almost impossible to do when the beam is heavy and needs to be level, at a precise angle or close to the ground.

Most guys will use G clamps or straps to hold a hold a block to the upright and carefully tap the block and clamp up or down to get level. But that can be difficult to do and can knock the horizontal beam off the block on the other upright. It’s even more difficult when trying to weld cattle rail that dosen’t have a flat bottom edge.

Prop A Weld makes it easy for someone working on their own to weld beams and rails. The steel chain and magnetic brackets grip and clamp to virtually any upright with a vice like grip. Once in place, the cross beam slide bracket is easily adjusted up or down with millimetre precision to achieve highly accurate placement of the rail on the post.

Prop A Weld also sits out from the post or upright and provides plenty of space around the weld seam to get to it with either a stick rod or MIG / TIG torch.

  • Fits any pipe or square section up to 120mm (7"Inches)
  • 3 axis adjustment after the clamp is locked on.
  • Holds up to 100kg (220 Pounds)
  • Works inverted to allow clamping 20mm from the ground.
  • Easy to use trigger action.
  • Stainless steel construction

The Prop A Weld is a tool that can save you thousands on labour as it allows a single person to work alone. There will always be that day when you can't get someone to hold up the other end of a rail or pipe. Get the job done in your own time with Wireman tools.