BOBEX in-line tensioners

In-line Wire strainer for Tensioning Braided Electric, Barbed, Plain and High Tensile Wire.

  • Works well on Hinged lock and net fencing.
  • No need to cut the wire.
  • Use with 3/8th square drive or;
  • 18mm socket or spanner.
  • Works as a joiner.
  • 15 mm Shortening distance.
  • Removable and Re-useable.
  • Can be used on cable or rope.

If a tree has fallen on a fence, an animal has stretched a line wire or the roll had a loose wire from the manufacturer, it’s a real problem to tension line wires on net fencing without cutting the wire. A perfect tool to use if you need to get tension quickly in a difficult spot.

With BobeX You can strain sections as short as 100mm or 4 inches and you won’t need any special tools either, as a 3/8th square drive, a 18mm socket or a spanner can be used to get tension.

The minimum wire shortening distance is just 15mm (twice as good as anything else on the market). They can also be used to join wire!

No chain strainers? No Problem! Keep a few BOBEX in the glove box, you never know when you might need them.

Bobex wire tensioning instructions Bobex wire joining instructions

Tim Thompson BOBEX Product Review

BOBEX Award of Excellence

At the 2023 Australian National Feild Days Wireman was presented with a NAB Agribusiness Award of Excellence - Which recognises new, innovative machinery and equipment designed for use in the Australian agricultural industry and is an acknowledgement that the product meets high criteria standards and is worthy of the attention of primary producers.

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BOBEX Wire Tensioners