Fence Magician Demonstration

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To Operate

Pull the trigger to open the jaws, Push the tool on to the wire, Release to grip.

To make a standard termination knot; Gently pull the drill trigger to move the tie bush into place and make the first 3/4 bend.  Manually bend the wire tail upward (The magician can be left on the fence), then rotate the drill in the opposite direction to engage with the wire then twist the tail to compete the wrap.

Rotate the grip hubs so the release plates line up with the trigger springs then pull the trigger and pull the Magician off the wire.

Speed and Consistency

As a contractor, the quicker you can get a fence up the more you earn. But the best contractors know that presentation is also very important. Because when a client looks at the finished job, the quality and consistency of the tie offs is bound to leave a lasting impression. Tight and tidy is always going to be better than loose and lazy.

The real problem is the bottom wires on hinged lock or net fencing, especially on exclusion netting. Its hard enough to get your fingers through the wire, never mind getting a fencers tool onto the bottom wire and twisting it round.

The FENCE MAGICIAN allows virtually anyone to get tight and tidy tie offs in difficult spots with ease. You can tie off net fencing wire faster than ever and make light work of high tensile up to 4mm thick. Saving time, saving joiners and saving your hands.

Wondering how it works?

From the exploded view you can see that a worm transfers the power of the drill to a slotted gear that has a hub on the end. The hub has locking fingers that hold the line wire and a roller that wraps the wire to be tied off round the line wire.

The trigger on the FENCE MAGICIAN allows you to open the locking fingers and get the line wire in. When the wire to be tied off is placed under the roller and the drill engaged it gets wrapped around the line wire. A little known fact is that 7 wraps has the same holding power as a termination knot.

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