Ground Anchoring

Holdfast Harpoon Ground Anchoring System

Got a fence with everything going under it!

The reality is that most animals will try to go under a fence before they try to go over it. This is especially true of Deer and Kangaroos. 

As a result Wireman developed HOLDFAST HARPOON that allows you to tie down the bottom wire of a fence to plug up holes and make it an effective barrier. With over 100kgs of pull out force required to pull them out, (even on soft ground) its the perfect tool to hold down wire at the bottom of a dip or gully.

  • Easy to install.
  • Won’t pull out.
  • Increased hold, over time.
  • Multiple size harpoons
  • Can be used with hammer alone.

Attach a lanyard to a harpoon by holding the lanyard with the ends of the wire pointing toward you. Slide the harpoon onto the wire with the tip pointing upward and the curve facing away from you.

When the two wires are in the holes between the first bends, push the tip forward so the wires slide into the slots on the side of the harpoon then bend the lanyard backward away from the tip. then slide the applicator head through the hole with the curve of the harpoon facing away from the hump of the applicator head and position it in the slot. Drive the harpoon into the ground beside the bottom wire, then hammer backward to release the harpoon and remove the applicator.

Pull the lanyard to set the harpoon in the ground then twist the lanyard around the bottom wire to hold it down.

Make a fence effective, with Holdfast Harpoon by Wireman.

Animals getting over a fence

If you have animals getting over a fence and you need to stop them, then you either build a new taller fence or raise the height of the one you have. Building a new fence can be an expensive proposition so, Wireman developed PICKEX fence height extensions that can be seen by clicking the link.

No matter whether you are trying to stop deer or roos getting on to your property or trying to stop sheep, goats or chickens getting out, there is a PickeX solution to suit your fence extension idea.

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