Wireman reviews and feedback

Some of the local girls were interested to know how the strainers would perform!

Below are some of the reviews and feedback we have received recently.

At Wireman we truly appreciate the feedback we get from our customers. It's not just about listening to good news. People sharing on the ground knowledge of their day in day out experience is invaluable. It has shaped and refined many of the products we make. Without it we would never truly know if what we produce is of any use or not.

We can't fix a problem if we don't know it exists. So, if you have a suggestion or a problem, then please let us know and we will do our best to sort it out.  

Thanks, from the Wireman team.

Recent Emails

Wanda QLD 24/09/23

I used your fencing equipment for the second time since I bought it, and just wanted to say what a well made, smart piece of equipment it is. I have never fenced so easily and without the normal frustration of my old wire strainers. I had to save for awhile to buy your gear but I am so glad I did!! I tell everyone who will listen they shouldn't muck about with any other brand, just buy it right the first time, I am 67 very soon and have arthritis but your gear let's me still do the job, again thank you. 

Terry 29/09/23 NSW

Hi Ian

Thought you might like some positive feedback.

So far the extended back fence has kept the roos and deer at bay. Early this morning we were “invaded” by a small herd of deer (they probably came in over the driveway gate). After a couple of shots they panicked and tried to get out over the extended back fence… couldn’t really get over so they tried to go through.


The end result was a couple of broken or detached barbed wire strings (that takes a lot of force but I left the ties as the weak point in case something like this happened) and lots of deer fur on the ground. However, the PoleStar 900s stood up to the onslaught with no damage at all. Just a bit of re-stringing needed and we are back to normal.



Steve 10/09/23 VIC

Hi I am just letting you know I received the star picket extensions this week and can’t believe what a great product you have come up with.
A big thanks as this is exactly what I needed to add height to my chook pen.
Cheers Steve (Barnawartha)

Fred 2/10/23

Strained to the Max

We have fitted Jack The Gripper to our hydraulic wire strainer for wires in vineyards. 
We would strain more wires in 1 day than most people would do in a month. 
They have taken the strain out of the job!