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The DeBarbers

The DeBarbers

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The kit includes:

1 x DeBarber: Barb Removal Tool for standard 1.5 mm Barbed Wire (Gaucho) 


1 x IOWA DeBarber Mark 2: Barb Removal Tool for 2.0 - 2.5 mm Barbed Wire 

For fast, easy barb removal from a wide range of barbed wire.

For use when:

  • Joining barb wire
  • Using GRIPPLES or Crimps
  • When using barb on CLIPEX fence posts 
  • When tying off to a strainer post

The new and improved full stainless steel IOWA DeBarber now comes with stainless steel retaining screws for extra long life.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Steven Lippa

Used it for the first time today and I was pretty amazed at how quick and easy it was to use, highly recommend it, great investment

Clark Livingston

Great tool easy to use

Steve Thomson
Game changer

Have some fencing to replace due to a
Fire and didn’t like the idea of tying knots in barb. Purchased this and after a few quick attempts it works incredibly well. Not put off by using barb now. Solidly built and well made, highly recommend well done guys

Catherine Gordon

quick and easy saves time playing around with pliers

Excellent build quality

I really like the concept of a single tool instead of using two pliers to unwind the barbs. The tool also covers the barbs entirely while unwinding so you don't get stabbed. My only problem is that it gets jammed up occasionally, especially if the barbs are not consistent.