Kennel Owners NSW

Kennel Owners NSW

Recent interpretations of the NSW Animal Welfare Code of Practice require that kennel owners have a minimum boundary fence height of 1.8 Metres.

Wireman makes a range of fencing tools and products with particular emphasis on using the existing fence and making the most of what you have. So you can raise your existing fence to meet the code at minimal cost, and really save on both material and labour.

Two products PickeX and Holdfast Harpoon can be used together to both raise the height of an existing fence and hold down the bottom wire. You can also repair any holes you may have in the fence.

PickeX Extensions simply slide over the top of a conventional STAR Picket without needing to remove the horizontal wires and raise the fence height by 600mm or 2 foot. PickeX are available in both galvanised steel (Starlet) and Recycled PVC (Electra). They can also be attached to timber posts using screws.

Holdfast Harpoon is a ground anchoring system to hold down wire. An applicator is used to hammer in a harpoon with lanyard close to the bottom wire of the fence. When the applicator is removed it sets the harpoon in the ground and the lanyard is simply wound around the bottom wire to prevent it being lifted.

Both products are home grown inventions wholly manufactured in Australia by Wireman.

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