StraineX Blaze Aid Review

StraineX Blaze Aid Review

Please note - This Review of the StraineX wire strainer was written by Jude Turner of Blaze Aid (Camp Coordinator - Cobargo). It was intended as an internal review (not for publication). It was graciously passed on to Wireman by Kevin Butler (Blaze Aid President).

BlazeAid Cobargo review of StraineX strainers – March 2021

Overall, the strainers were very well received. Some resistance from trying them from old-hands as they couldn’t give up their old-style strainers for some “new-fangled” thing.

Some key points:

  • There was concern that they would need to be treated with TLC or dirt would get into the moving parts and render them useless. Teams would have to re-train to not cast the strainers into the dirt awaiting the next strain as is usual practice.
  • All parts need to be in perfect alignment or the lever handle hits the hooks, this takes time, but it certainly doable
  • The long chain is excellent for straining mesh, and for use around large strainer posts
  • Unlike with the old-style where you level of effort indicates the tension, there is no way of telling what tension you are at without some sort of gauge.
  • The strainers should be purchased with the digital tension gauge; we didn’t buy the strainex gauge, but used the old-style tension gauge and it would be easier if all components were part of the same kit; while there was concern about how robust the digital gauge might be in the back of a trailer, the entire kit just needs to be well looked after.
  • The tensioning takes time, and quite a lot of turns of the lever – patience is required
  • The grip handles are a total winner. Comments were made, that even if the complete Strainex package wasn’t acceptable to some, the grips were an excellent component and could possible be mix and matched with the old-style strainers
  • One of our brand-new female volunteers, never fenced before, took on the strainex challenge and was very competent after day one – having done all the straining on several km of mesh
  • There risk of injury to fingers is virtually eliminated
  • Release is quick and easy; there was no movement or release of tension on release.
  • Do we need one in every trailer? That is for others to decide, but one of our “old hands” (79 y.o., many BlazeAid camps under his belt) is totally sold on them and reckons phasing out the old-style strainers and moving to Strainex is an excellent idea.

*A big Thanks thanks from Wireman to Jude, Kevin and all the volunteers of Blaze Aid for the tremendous work you they do.

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