Strain Walker Chain Wranglers

Strain Walker Chain Wranglers

The chain grab walking wire strainer has been around for over 100 years. It has stood the test of time and has proven to be the first tool in the bag for generations of fencing contractors.

Wireman did not start out making chain grab strainers, but after all the conversations we’ve had with contractors, we have become well aware of the benefits of the tool and why (when you know how to use one) they are going to be with us for a long time to come.

None the less, chain strainers have their flaws, they can be a frustrating and annoying tool that has even inflicted injuries. So, at Wireman we set a goal to make the best Chain strainer there is. The end result is the Strain Walker.

After getting it into contractor hands and listening to the feedback, we realised there were a couple of things that could be improved. Firstly, a strainer needs to be really heavy duty, because if there’s a problem it’s a long way back to town. But the biggest issue of all is that the chain strainers are a pain to get on the chain in the first place. Its why most people remove the spring.

This got us thinking, what can be done to make it easier to get the grabs (pawls or fingers) on the chain?

The end result is the Chain Wranglers, which allow you to very quickly hook and hold the chain (so it can’t get away from you) while you slip a chain link into the grabs. You can see the video here.

They also make removing tension or "Backing Off" easier as the Chain Wranglers keep the chain in direct line with the wire so it does not wander off line.

On a hot or cold day when you've had enough and just want to get off the job, small things can make a big difference.

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