2022 Australian Fencing Awards

2022 Australian Fencing Awards

It was a top night for Wireman at the 2022 Australian Fencing Awards where Ian Lowrey won an award for industry innovator. https://australianfencingawards.com.au/ian-lowrey-is-an-industry-innovator/

“It was a very well-presented night” said Ian who stepped up to thank Tim Thompson and James Higgins of Walters Fencing for their help and encouragement over the last year. None of it would have been possible of course, without Fraser Old and the team at Wireman for their focus and dedication to making the business the success it is.

Wireman would like to thank Sherrie Mazur and the team of the Australian Fencing Awards for their work on making the night the success it was and providing a platform for some of the people who have dedicated their professional lives to the industry.

In the words of Tim Thompson, who received the award for industry champion https://australianfencingawards.com.au/tim-thompson-industry-champion/  “it is easy to overlook the importance of the fencing industry until you realise that fences are the biggest piece of private infrastructure in the country. It shapes the ecology and defines our environment”.

Tim Thompson Australian fencing awards industry champion

In our view Award ceremonies like this, provide a good platform for highlighting issues, such as the one that Ted Turnour of Superior Screens brought up regarding the complete lack of courses in the government education system to help people get basic skills in the fencing business. As well as providing a platform and forum to help elevate and improve standards for the industry.

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